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Brainscapital supports companies that intend to maximize the positive impact that their business generates on society and the environment. It assists companies in the transition of their legal status into Benefit Corporations. It helps companies obtain the certification as a B Corp ®, which is issued by the non-profit B Lab .

The EU targets for 2020 have been set out in the climate and energy package adopted in 2008.  One of its objectives is a 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels.

By 2018, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU had decreased 23.2% compared with 1990 levels. This means the EU is well on track to reach its target for 2020. However, according to member states’ latest projections based on existing measures, the emission reduction would only be about 30% by 2030. The EU emission target for 2030, set in 2008, is a 40% reduction compared to 1990 levels and the Parliament is pushing to set an even more ambitious target of 55%.

In November 2019, the Parliament declared a climate emergency asking the Commission to adapt all its proposals in line with a 1.5 °C target for limiting global warming and ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced.

In response, the new Commission unveiled the European Green Deal, a roadmap for Europe to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050.

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