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Brainscapital supports companies that intend to maximize the positive impact that their business generates on society and the environment. It assists companies in the transition of their legal status into Benefit Corporations. It helps companies obtain the certification as a B Corp ®, which is issued by the non-profit B Lab .

Environmental and social issues are increasingly taken into account by both consumers and companies themselves. Therefore, a sustainable business must operate not only with the purpose of generating an economic return for the owners (shareholders) - a necessary but not sufficient condition to guarantee business continuity - but must seek to guarantee benefits (economic and non-economic) for all those subjects who, for various reasons, have to deal with it (stakeholders). To be sustainable, a company must find new operating models that allow it to generate value for its shareholders (fair economic results) and for its stakeholders (social results in line with expectations) and preserve the quality of natural resources (positive impact on the environment).


In this context, Italy was the second country in the world, after the United States, to provide for the Benefit Corporation model in its legal system with the introduction of the 2016 Stability Law no. 208 of 28/12/2015.


Moreover, on a global level, it is possible to observe a growing diffusion of companies that intend to certify their commitment towards the achievement of a common benefit by obtaining the B Corp® qualification and thus submitting themselves to strict social and environmental standards attested by the non-profit organisation B Lab. This certification allows societies to become part of a very dynamic global network, made up of companies that share the same values ​​and that want to spread the idea of ​​a business that is not exclusively profit-oriented, but which generates a positive impact on the surrounding context.

In line with this new trend undertaken by an ever-increasing number of businesses, Brainscapital recently amended its bylaws and achieved the transformation into a Benefit Corporation,  thus consolidating its willingness to pursue, in the exercise of the business activity, not merely economic objectives, but also social goals and  to generate positive impacts on people, the community and the environment in which it operates. 


Brainscapital in particular offers companies:


  • Support in the transition into a Benefit Corporation, through the amendment of the legal status of the company. Unlike B Corp®, the new direction of the business crystallizes through the modification of the corporate purpose and the modification of the company's bylaw, in which the will to pursue a common benefit is made explicit. Brainscapital provides assistance for the improvement of business' performance in the pursuit of social and environmental values;


  • Support in the annual drafting of reports, which must be attached to the corporate financial statements and in which it is necessary to specify the main aspects relating to the objectives to be pursued, the methods and actions implemented to achieve the common benefit and the assessment of the impact generated ;


  • Support in measuring the social and environmental impact of the company through the B Impact Assessment, a tool used to evaluate business performances. The assessment is very extensive and it analyzes various aspects of the company's activity in addition to the impact on the environment and people, such as transparency, governance systems and the business model. Obtaining a positive result (which must correspond to at least 80 points on a scale of 200) is a necessary prerequisite to undertake the verification process that ends with the obtaining of the B Corp® certification, issued by the certifying body B Lab.

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