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Brainscapital Società Benefit

The Società Benefit (in the US, Benefit Corporation) represent an evolution of the traditional concept of a corporation as they are an expression of a more evolved paradigm: they integrate into their corporate purpose, in addition to the goal of profit, the purpose of creating a positive impact on people, communities and environment. 

Over the course of these years, Brainscapital has accompanied numerous business entities in acquiring the legal status of a Società Benefit, and since September 2020 Brainscapital itself has become a Società Benefit, enshrining its commitment to the common good in its Articles of Incorporation and thereby establishing purposes of common benefit in addition to the traditional ones of generating profit.

Brainscapital, in particular, intends to pursue purposes of common benefit through functional actions to make participation in corporate activities, of those who are part of it as members or otherwise involved, rewarding through a motivating and satisfying engagement in prosperous economic activity. Our Society also strives to pursue the creation of the best possible conditions for attracting, growing and retaining talent and contributes to the ability of all its people to meet their basic human needs (such as subsistence, understanding, identity, participation, affection, creation, freedom, protection).

As a Benefit Society each year we measure our commitment to the common good by preparing an Impact Report, through which we also define our annual improvement plan.

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