“Homes4All - in Turin the right to housing is renewed” is an impact finance project to tackle the housing emergency in Turin promoted by the City of Turin together with Brainscapital, Homers, Acmos and the Turin Chamber of Commerce.


resources from private individuals interested in real estate investments with high social impact



for itself or for its partners, single unit or entire low-cost properties, sold at judicial auction or directly acquired  in the rea. estate market, of which it maintains the management


brings up to standard and manages the apartment and properties it has acquired


tenants with a customized programme of support, inclusion and training, in collaboration with social services and the charity sector

The idea of Homes4All was born from a siple observation: the paths of full poverty start very often from losing one’s home. It’s not very important if this happens for personal or business reasons, but from the loss of the house onwards the gravity of any previous situation increases until it becomes difficult to reverse, with very high costs for people, families and the whole community.

Homes4All aims to take action on this evident criticality and in particular:

Brainscapital s.r.l. Benefit Corporation

Homers s.r.l Benefit Corporation

Homes4All was created with the aim of offering a service that combines offer of real estate and groups of private investors willing to be part of a network at the service of social and territorial enhancement.

Founding members of the Start Up are: 

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For more information visit the website www.homes4all.it


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