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ImpactGate, strategic intelligence for yours sustainability: born from the union of skills of 3 consolidated realities, each vertical on sustainability issues and in particular on environmental (ESA Holding), social (SocialFare | Center for Social Innovation) and governance (Brainscapital Srl Società Benefit) issues.

What is ImpactGate?

ImpactGate proposes itself as an Integral Sustainability Consulting Center to bring an integrated approach to sustainability into your company as a lever of innovation and competitive advantage.

Whole wheatenvironmental, social and governance skillsthat are constantly evolving, accompanies your company to develop with your team the sustainability model that best suits your sector, your strategy, your relevance, supports your company in assessing its compliance with ESG topics and accompanies in certification of your company as So Benefit Corporation and/or B-Corp®

Evaluate your company

ImpactGate helps companies measure and quantify their impacts in order to become more sustainable from a strategic and operational point of view, providing companies with tools capable of enhancing and improving their commitment.  

Prioritizing sustainability and ESG issues allows you to optimize the production processes, increase company reputationimprove the economic results and create more engagement of Employees/Collaborators, Investors, Suppliers and Customers.

ImpactGate is the gateway to the strategic intentionality of the entrepreneur who places his company as a model of intervention for sustainable change.

The first step in embarking on this path of improvement is to evaluate the impact generated by your company; on the ImpactGate portal it is possible to carry out, free of charge, an initial ESG self-assessment for all SMEs. Try it and find out more by visiting the site.

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