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Brainscapital provides strategic consultancy services to enable entrepreneurial ventures to deliver innovation within challenging markets.

Brainscapital achieves this via a unique combination of management expertise, experience and, via established networks, access to a wide range of organisational competencies across many sectors.

Delivers independent assessment and advice on business models, helping entrepreneurs focus on how to deliver their ideas, whether an existing business or a start-up

Undertakes financial analysis from feasibility through to detailed modelling of costs and resources for implementation

Supports the definition of a robust business plan and associated action plans to take ideas from concept to reality, assisting in managing implementation and operation where beneficial

Provides access to financial resources via its network of contacts within banks, investment funds and private investors. Facilitates funding via other means such as public tenders, public aid or crowdfunding

Will help set up new companies, put in place management accounting capabilities, establish physical office presence, and help manage relationships with relevant authorities and stakeholders

Supports companies in focussed communications, strategic stakeholder management, public affairs, press management, mergers and acquisitions, human resources, sustainability, recruitment, legal support and the build-up of intangible assets such as branding

Brainscapital specifically targets those companies that intend to enter the online market or improve their e-commerce, portal and marketplace presence. It is increasingly focussing on helping companies strengthen their positive impacts on society and the environment via the acquisition of the legal status of Benefit Company, helping them obtain the B Corp® certification .

What we do

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