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Brainscapital supports customers in the creation of an online store, drawing up strategic web and social marketing plans and encouraging the implementation of a successful sales funnel.

Brainscapital offers its clients e-commerce and marketplace consulting services: this sector is constantly growing and represents an interesting opportunity for businesses. Selling online requires a complex process of planning, organisation and analysis:  

  • Strategic advice to how to publish an e-commerce website or to decide to start selling products through the most famous marketplaces (as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba). Brainscapital will carry out an assessment of the market response to the companies’ products before the opening of a online store. It helps clients to create their online business model (even starting from scratch). This process consists of a consulting plan structured in four phases: feasibility analysis, definition as is, definition of the objectives and operational support to move from the as is to the to be;

  • Support in the operational management of online stores. The team of Brainscapital supports the client in the management and creation of the company’s store at 360°, whether it is an e-commerce site or a store on a marketplace platform, whether on the Italian market and/or on other European marketplaces;

  • Training courses for entrepreneurs who want to be successful on the web, not only in the sale of their products, but also in the development of their authority online. Brainscapital offers in-depth courses, tailored on the specific needs of the client, on Amazon, LinkedIn and sales.  

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