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Sustainability is the new normal.

Brainscapital advise innovative companies all across Europe and China on how to design R&D&I projects and successfully apply for EU grants.

We are doers, not consultants. As entrepreneurs and managers, we engage daily in promoting and stimulating innovations in Energy, Environment and Circular Economy, ICT, Life Sciences and Health, Clean Transport…We are dedicated to supporting qualitative and dimensional business development and continued innovation within these sectors.

We identify the stakeholders that may have a role in supporting the project, benchmark your project idea against all relevant EU policies, guidelines and programme objectives, conduct a SWOT and GAP analysis to identify your project’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as broader opportunities and threats. The grant analysis is developed jointly with the project owner.

Compiling a grant application requires specialist contributions and hands-on EU ProjectManagement Experience to ensure the optimal allocation of work packages and resources. We offer top level professional advice on proposal development and writing support in order to maximise your chances of success, working together with your employees.

To be successful, your grant application must stand out from the crowd of competitors. We strive to ensure you have the highest chances of success: we liaise actively with the funding authority (permanent dialogue) and ensure that all documents are drafted to meet all the underlying policy goals. Within Horizon EUROPE projects and other complex international R&D, innovation or demonstration projects in the areas of ICT, Cleantech or Life Science we can coordinate the project content and information related to international project partners. To assure the optimal workflow in all assignments, we can secure the use of modern and IT tools, such as digital project management tools and protected cloud solutions via support from our partners.

EU-funded projects are subject to progress reporting and financial reporting. Our team of experts and auditors assist you during the whole project life-cycle, designing and implementing – if requested - quality assurance processes, complex project accounting and reporting procedures.

Chinese participation is welcomed in Calls for Proposals of Horizon. In addition, in recent calls several topics are specifically flagged for targeted cooperation with China including the fields of Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Water, Energy, Information and Communications Technology, Nanotechnology, Space and Polar Research. In the areas of climate change and mitigation international cooperation is a must. Hence, participation of Chinese partners can be a competitive edge to for your proposal and add value to the Consortium. We have long-standing, established industry and academic networks across Europe and in China to help you identify the best project partner possible.

What is your project's potential to be granted EU funding from the European Commission?

Applying for EU grants is a time-consuming, specialist process! Often, SMEs struggle with limited resources and lack of adequate competences. We support you throughout the whole process, from inception to execution.

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